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Our Process
MSI's process
of shredding materials goes above and beyond normal expectations. We employ advanced shredding technologies to ensure the best clean and finished product for each customer.



Metal Shred Industries was created with the sole intention to service customers who desire their aluminum products upgraded through shredding, removal of iron, separation of aluminum from other non-ferrous metals, and then removal of non-metallic contaminants such as, wood, rubber, plastic, paper, and dirt, just to name a few. 

Note:  Metal Shred Industries ONLY processes one customer’s material at a time.  Once one customer’s entire lot is completely processed it is then that MSI management immediately oversees the finished product and generates a processing report with a detailed breakdown for the customer.  This policy is absolutely adhered to so we may ensure each and every customer our complete dedication to their peace of mind and to generate the best possible clean finished product every time.

Bale Entering Shredding System

Iron Removal Between 7272 and 6060 Shredders

6060 Shredder

Aluminum Being Separated from Non-Ferrous Contaminants

MSI Shredding Processes

MSI employs a dual shredding system, one of which is a Side Feed Mini - Auto Shredder and the second is a Top Feed Shredder used for further downsizing of customer products.  Material may be run through the Mini – Auto Shredder and then enter the second shredding system, or may be by-passed to avoid the second shredding and further downsizing process.  The evaluation and determination of the proper shredding procedure is done for all material by MSI management prior to processing, whereby careful consideration by trained professionals is given to material type and contamination amounts.  After material is assessed, recommendations are made, and specific processing advice is given to each customer based upon the necessary sizing requirements to properly generate a clean finished product.

Once properly shredded and cleaned of iron contamination, material is then processed through our customized Eddy separator system which has been specially engineered for the proper separation of non-ferrous metals and non-metallic contaminants.  Once fully processed we are left with a clean and finished aluminum product.  At this time the customer’s material is individually stored within one of our indoor concrete bunkers which completely segregate it from cross contamination and natures elements.  Material is shipped loose back to customers or for an additional packaging fee finished product can be bagged in three-thousand pound polyester bags for easy handling and transport.

Before and After Photos
Castings Before
Castings After
Castings Zoom 5X
Baled Aluminum Contaminated with Wood / Foam / Plastic / Etc Before
Baled Contaminated Aluminum After
Baled Aluminum Contaminated After 5X
Loose Old Sheet Before
Loose Old Sheet After
Loose Old Sheet After 5X
Baled Aluminum Extrusions Before
Baled Aluminum Extrusions After
Baled Aluminum Extrusions After 5X

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