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Our Vision
To be the processor
of choice and the most successful company in our industry.

Furthermore, we aim to be the most desirable employer in Northern Indiana.
2Our Mission

We treat each other with respect and dignity, valuing individual and cultural differences, listening to each other regardless of level or position, and thus supporting personal growth and continuous learning.

Our Customer
We are dedicated to understanding our customers’ needs and exceeding their expectations by bringing them the most up-to-date methodologies.

We are honest and ethical in all our business dealings, keeping our promises and admitting our mistakes.

To supply the best product, with the best service, with the best pricing, and with the best customer satisfaction.


2Customer Flow Chart

The organizational set-up of Metal Shred Industries is such that the customer can make contact with whomever, wherever, and however they need to, under any given situation that may arise.

"One key principle on which MSI was founded upon is that we are not in the business of competing with our customers.  MSI maintains a direct processing only relationship with our customers.  Our business always has been and always will remain as a toll processor which does not buy or sell material."

3Our Policy
We at Metal Shred Industries
strive to supply a product of superior quality while keeping costs at a minimum. We are relentlessly assessing our long-term objectives to continuously improve and move our technologies forward with our ever changing industry.

  • The goals of our program are to:
  • Establish Metal Shred Industries as the premier processor in our industry.

  • Recognise the customer's exact needs in order to do the job correctly the first time.

  • Upgrade policies, procedures, and equipment to keep us at the cutting edge of aluminum technology.

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